Our History

Our company was founded to help clients apply biblically sound principles to their financial planning, and to help align client values to an outcomes-based planning process. Our directive is to provide moral and ethical financial advice given with care and concern for what’s best for our clients. We are a privately-owned firm that provides full customer care and easy access to our services. Our planners and support staff focus on promptly taking care of our client’s needs so that whenever you call or email, someone is available to help you.

We strive to be vigilant in staying current with the continual financial and market changes so that we can help solve our client’s ever-changing needs.

With over 30 years of combined experience across our planning and investment management team, our firm is not only financially competent, but empathetic to the real issues and concerns of financial advisory clients.


Our Vision

To equip and empower people to control their finances, not be controlled by them. To free clients from the burden of debt and overcome the fear of their financial future, redefining financial freedom and success. If we get our thinking right and then employ the right strategies we will see better financial decisions and outcomes.

By refocusing financial planning on Biblical values, our mission is to walk along side of clients to seek wisdom and to help our clients be better stewards of the resources that have been given to them.

Money issues are an increasingly major factor in marriage breakdown. Getting things right financially can bring peace to your home and to your lives.

We are unapologetically Christian. It guides our principles, purpose, and the way we conduct our business, however we may not overtly express our beliefs on our clients.


Our Values

A financial planner should have some basic values. They should be honest and straightforward at all times. They should have strong moral values, using good judgment to apply the highest levels of integrity to every decision. They should offer complete transparency when it comes to operations and compensation. They should be caring, respectful, and empathetic. They should be reliable, dependable, and the kind of person who calls you back promptly. Their service team should act the same way. On every occasion they should act in the client’s best interest.

We strive to apply these core values, but because of our unique role in walking alongside of clients in stewardship, we feel we have a special calling to go over and beyond these responsibilities.

Our primary values are:

  • Built on a foundation of Integrity and honesty
  • Your success is the catalyst for our success
  • A prudent approach to managing risk – no speculation or ‘get rich quick’ schemes
  • Clear communication – first we listen and seek to understand you and your vision
  • We will all ultimately answer to God one day for our stewardship
  • Our responsibility is to know the facts. If there is something that we need to confirm that you need to know, it is part of our service. You will not be charged for our research
  • Generosity requires a degree of wealth; however, we are only custodians of that wealth.
  • It is good and honourable to generate wealth through legitimate and honest means.


Our Fees

We are “fee-only” financial planners, where we charge an annual fee for our planning services to you. We support an outcomes-based planning approach, which means we repeat the process over and over with the aim of ensuring you remain ‘on track’ to achieve your goals and objectives. The results of the most recent iteration is used as the starting point for the next iteration.

We will agree a method of payment with you before providing you with our services and generally you will be invoiced directly, or alternatively by agreement with you, the fee may be deducted from your investments.

In certain specific cases where our advice may be limited exclusively to personal insurance; by agreement with you, we may receive commissions from insurance providers in lieu of a fee.

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